1741DSTE DALI reguliatorius, pagrindinis JUNG

1741DSTE DALI reguliatorius, pagrindinis JUNG

(prekės kodas: 05013717)

Power DALI rotary controller TW

Intended use

  • Brightness setting for luminaires with DALI/DALI-2 interface
  • Setting of colour temperature for luminaires with DALI Device Type 8 for tunable white acc. to IEC 62386-209
  • Installation in flush box according to EN 60670-1

Product characteristics

  • The Power DALI rotary controller TW supplies the control current for up to 28 DALI devices.
  • Saving of colour temperature limiting values
  • Saving of basic brightness and switch-on brightness
  • Certified acc. to IEC 62386-101 and -103 (Single Master)
  • The device functions as a DALI-2 single master and should not be combined with other DALI controllers.

Centre plates:
AS / A ranges: ref.-no. A 1540 ..
CD range: ref.-no. CD 1540 ..
SL range: ref.-no. SL 1540 ..
LS range: ref.-no. LS 1940 .... 1940 ..

Susiję produktai

1740DSTE DALI reguliatorius JUNG